Dear Teachers

Dear Teachers,

You are amazing. What you do for human beings every single day is truly legendary. Heroic. Impressive. Epic.

You spend your days in service to others, to the community because you know how important it is that everyone develops self-efficacy. You are the spreaders of hope. The growers of futures. Teachers, you are nation-builders. You are the ones who battle against every adversity that will be overcome. You lead people. You are the ones who hug, and wipe tears, and impart knowledge. Not information that can be regurgitated, knowledge. You are givers.

You are important. You are everything that is good in this world.

I worry that sometimes our society forgets to tell you these things. Being a teacher myself, I pay attention to what is flitting about in the media and politics about education. The negativity can get you down. I understand that even if the negativity isn’t directed at you or your school or your specific students and districts, it can still get you down. It gets you down because you care. You want not only your own community to reach the fullest potential, but you want it for all communities. You will not rest until this is so. It is your mission to make the world a better place. A pleasant place. For everyone.

Teachers, keep doing what you know how to do. Do it well. Do it with faith. Courage. Continue spreading that hope. This world is unpredictable. You are the constant. Maintain your integrity, because everything that you do teaches a lesson. This can be tough. When you have a bad day or feel overwhelmed, it tries you. Be persistent, teachers. Keep your heads up. Find joy in the little things and hold onto it for dear life. Focus on the good.

Please don’t you ever forget how important you are. You matter.

With a heart so full,

Amanda Koonlaba

Amanda Koonlaba is an educator and lover all things arts-related.  She is the author of and a member of Tupelo Bloggers.

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