Oh, the places we’ll go…

Tupelo family tours the state one summer reading program at a time.

This summer, the Swansons of Tupelo are setting off across Mississippi on a tour of local
libraries and science museums. Bob, the dad (sometimes known as “The Singing
Weathermanî) has designed a show packed with music, meteorology, astronomy and
geography. They have 24 gigs lined up from New Albany to the Delta to Lamar County in South Mississippi.

summer_tour_2018_back copy

The first stop on their trek around the state is the Mississippi Museum of Natural
Science in Jackson. From there, Bob, along with his wife Meredith and three sons — DJ,
11; Nate, 8; and Henry, 6 — head for Ridgeland and Pickens on the first leg of the tour.

Kids get to learn weather facts with songs and fun demonstrations while Bob shares his
loves of science and music. He even gets the family involved. Although middle son Nate is shy, his love of geography is strong enough that he joins in on the “50 States that Rhyme.”  DJ, the oldest Swanson son, is excited about selling merchandise and operating the Square credit card swiper. They have tour T-shirts available in a variety of youth and adult sizes, CDs of Bob’s original weather music, kites and connectors so kids can make their own “tornadoes” in a bottle just like Bob does in the show.


Youngest son Henry is the family’s biggest cheerleader. He loves to sing along, dance
the “Weather Wiggle” and shout out answers … sometimes before the audience gets a shot!


All of the Swansons are excited to learn more about the state. Meredith was born and
raised in north Mississippi, but hasn’t been to many of the tour locations.

All of the shows are free to the public.
Here’s a list of dates and locations: http://www.storminswanson.com/shows.html

If you have restaurant or tourist recommendations, please share them!
The Swansons will document their travels across the state this summer, so please follow
them while they “Storm the State!”



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